Bộ càng xoay 360 độ

  • Rugged Construction—Cascade’s gear drive box and ring gear design are proven to provide superior durability.
  • Large visibility window gives the driver an excellent view of the fork tips. Center seal locks out contamination.
  • Rotational Torque—Good torque specifications ensure smooth, positive rotation of the load.
  • Many fork bar widths are available to suit a wide variety of applications.
  • Rotators may be ordered with forks or with fork bars only.
  • 180° Rotation Stop Group—Used when stopping rotation at precisely 180° is desirable.
  • Special Fork Sizes and Configurations.
  • Quick-Change Lower Mounting Hooks—Allow the rotator to be removed or installed in a matter of minutes without tools. (Quick-change hydraulic couplers available separately)
  • Hydraulic Bin Retainer—Custom designed to clamp on top of bin to hold bin in place while rotating. Typically used when bin does not have fork pockets.
  • Mechanical Bin Retainer—designed to retain lightweight bins.
  • Side Stabilizers—to help retain the load during rotation.

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