Bộ kẹp cuộn giấy tròn 2000kg~3500kg

  • Split arm or solid arm
  • Ultra thin profi le pads
  • New pad alignment system utilizing dual spring technology
  • holds the contact pads in proper alignment
  • Excellent visibility through arms
  • Fast arm speed
  • Optimized pad height to maximize range of roll sizes
  • Pad protectors
  • Fixed or positionable short arm
  • 45º short arm positioning
  • 360º or 180º rotation
  • Heavy-duty rotator drivetrain proven to provide superior durability
  • Industry’s widest offering of contact pads
  • AFC – (Adaptive Force Control)
  • Full height contact pads (non-split)
  • 180º Stop Group
  • HFC – (Hydraulic Force Control)

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